primate kitchen is the result of the collaboration of mike pastor, founder of the movement academy and james connolly, founder of the bubble foundation. 


A Brief History

Mike and James met about five years ago as both were looking to incorporate a lifestyle and work life and to blur the lines between the two.  years of deep research, trial and error to find a deeper spiritual meaning to our work and to combine wellness, creativity and passion into a program that could inspire people to live better. to that end, mike, his partner marisa and i created the Movement Academy in Rincon, Puerto Rico as a center for wellness and I created the Bubble Foundation to support inner city schools in their quest to provide the ideal wellness space for a new generation of children. our multi-tiered outreach now had extended into the podcast world (the movement academy podcast on iTunes), instagram and Facebook and now a blog site to give practical recipes and a philosophical foundation to help people live a life we were designed to live.